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Warehousing & Yard Storage Services

Zarawa has an extensive network with strategically placed warehouses in Erbil Gazna Road & Daraban Road. These facilities encompass a vast 125,000 sqm of open yard space and 15,650 sqm of enclosed warehouses. As a central hub for logistics and storage, Zarawa serves a wide range of sectors like Oil & Gas, Military, Medical, NGOs, and Telecommunication. Their function is to store and distribute goods essential for business operations. In essence, these warehouses are the engine that drives Zarawa’s reliable and efficient services for companies in the market.

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Warehouse on your condition

We provide warehousing services that match your business needs. We offer flexible storage options that range from daily to monthly to yearly or as needed. To streamline your logistics worldwide, we have partnerships with third-party warehouses located at key destination ports globally. This allows us to store your goods efficiently and advantageously, supporting your supply chain operations. We are handling your warehousing requirements professionally and reliably.

Reliable and safe

Our warehouses are combined with security to provide a robust base for your goods. The Storage areas are of hard stand outdoor Laydown area, having pipe yard with 24/7 Security & CCTV, full range of specialized handling equipment. This ensures your belongings are safely stored and handled professionally. Safeguard your goods in our secure and convenient warehouses.

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Companies rely on us

Zarawa is a trusted partner for Oil & Gas storage solutions, as evidenced by our signed contracts with leading international Oil & Gas companies. We offer specialized warehousing and yard spaces for secure storage and management of customer shipments, until transporting it to their final destinations. Our commitment to reliability and quality in our storage services has earned us the trust of reputable Oil & Gas industry leaders.

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