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Trucking Services

Our committed staff is excellent at offering complete logistics solutions suited to a range of industry sectors. We guarantee a flexible and effective strategy to match your specific needs, whether navigating international operations or the complex geography of Iraq. We are experienced in working with a variety of loads, using specialized lifting tools, and having qualified team to ensure accuracy and security. We take pride in going beyond the basics when moving your products across borders. We carefully choose the most appropriate and affordable options, customizing transportation solutions for every trip, whether through bustling cities or challenging mountainous landscapes. Your satisfaction is our core principle, and we promise to delivering your products safely, on time, and with an exacting attention to details.

Safely Moving Your Products, Wherever You Need

We are one of the leading companies in the region by having various types and sizes of heavy equipment, we are capable to easily reach any location inside KRG and Iraq as well. And with our highly experienced overseas partners, we could experience the strength of transportation and take care for the on-carriage transportation from KRG to all destinations abroad.

Safety is the Paramount

Safety is the top priority in all our actions. Our trucks and equipment are internationally certified and have passed inspections by Oil and Gas companies to best match their requirements. Our drivers undergo medical check-ups and are certified fit for work. They follow strict HSE guidelines. We adhere to the highest safety standards locally, regionally, and internationally. You can trust us to ensure safe transportation every step of the way.

Reliable Trucking Service

Diverse Fleet, Designed for You

We offer comprehensive transportation services adapting your typical needs. Our diverse fleet accommodates various cargo sizes and types. Whether you need container haulage, prefer smaller loads with LTL, or require larger scale shipments using FTL. Our prime movers are equipped for diverse road conditions with ensuring ample space for various cargo volumes. Additionally, we provide specialized heavy-duty transportation solutions for exceptional loads, such as Out of Gauge cargos. We have dedicated team equipped with expertise and knowledge to handle these complex transportations with precision and safety.

Expert Group for Your Exceptional Tasks

Our experienced team has tackled all sorts of loads and have handled loads of various dimensions and complexity that required specialized lifting equipment and team of certified riggers.

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