We are one of the leading suppliers in the region recognized for its high-quality services and international standard products among
diverse range of industries including Oil & Gas, Water & Wastewater, Energy & Power, Building & Construction, Marine, and Renewable Energy.
We have committed ourselves to excellency, consistency, a good reputation, reliability and trustworthiness to provide our customers with
the highest quality products and services they need for their work.


We raise the field of Mechanical & Instrumentation services with our expertise, dedicated team of experts
and commitment to quality, and we offer a complete range of solutions adapted to meet the needs of diverse industries.
We offer equipment installation, calibration, maintenance, and repair by our skilled technicians and agents who are skilled to handle any challenge for a smooth operation
and optimizing production processes with precise measurement to control the process and enhance the efficiency and productivity of your equipment.


We are aiming to empower the healthcare sector through providing medical equipment and materials of the highest quality as per
international healthcare standards with good care and attention to the equipment till delivered to destination in exceptional methods.


Our extensive range of selections within safety items and firefighting equipment and effective solutions fulfills your needs and supports your
company to maintain a safe working environment. We are committed to quality, reliability, durability, and effectiveness for our products and ensure placing
comprehensive safety measures specific to your workplace and projects to safeguard your assets, personnel, and business.


Zarawa reserves a large stock of high-quality pipes, valves, and fittings customized to meet your industry needs
within wide range of brands, sizes and specifications to be applied in various conditions by having ensured the reliability, efficiency, performance and durability of our products.
Our professional supply chain team is committed to supporting your projects with a precise and extensive range of solutions.

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About us

Entering a transformative era with the inception of our new Division of Supply Chain Solutions, a venture born from our steadfast decision to emerge as a trusted and reliable leader in supplying Oil & Gas and other industry products. Our vision extends beyond local borders, aiming to be the go-to provider for international companies across Iraq. What sets us apart is our achievements of being the primary Stockist of certified NACE Valves, Pipe Fittings & OCTG products, proudly stocking a vast volume in our warehouses in Iraq.

The remarkable success in logistics and growing procurement demands from our customers led to the establishment of the Supply Chain Department, a new cornerstone for our organization that widens the scope of our services. With an extensive background in the international trading and logistics market, spanning years of experience, we bring forth a comprehensive approach to the entire supply chain cycle, tailored for businesses of any type and size.

Our aspirations reach beyond the horizons, aiming for a global footprint that provides our clients with access to excellence. We’re committed to offering full transparency and a genuine dedication to mutual success. To realize these goals, our supply chain services are built on a foundation of owned stocks, expansive storage spaces, and a proficient workforce capable of seamlessly managing operations. Trustworthy international resources further bolster our capabilities, ensuring that our clients not only affiliate with us but also reap the benefits of a supply chain characterized by reliability, transparency, and a commitment to excellence. Welcome to a new chapter where success knows no bounds, and your ventures find a home in a supply chain designed for mutual prosperity.

We have built our supply chain services based on owning stocks, storage spaces and competent workforce for running the operations as well as having trustful international recourses.

Scope of Supply & Services

Some of the brands we procure

We work with the best quality brands around the world and bring you the best service in the industry

Our esteemed Clients

Zarawa has proven enduring exceptional experience in Logistics for different business sectors in Iraq and globally. As an active provider of comprehensive logistics and supply chain management, with the knowledge and professionalism of industry veterans, we have succeeded in establishing a clean reputation for delivering customized and competitive solutions to our customers regardless of the conditions. We ensure the business requirements of our customers are fulfilled, service commitments are met and most importantly, our customers are satisfied.