About Us

Get on an extraordinary journey with Zarawa Company, an inspiration of excellence in logistics and supply chain solutions spanning across Iraq.

We’ve crafted a seamless network to serve you in various strategic points in whole Iraq. Our commitment to global operations is further strengthened by offices strategically positioned at entry points, ensuring that we can fulfill your needs from any corner of the world to inside Iraq.
What truly sets us apart is not just our expansive reach but the comprehensive nature of our logistic services. Rooted in a wealth of experience across every facet we serve and offering an unparalleled range of services, we stand as a testament to excellence. It’s not just about providing logistics; it’s about creating a symphony of excellence; an orchestration designed to amaze and exceed your expectations.

But here’s the real magic – our journey is not solitary. It’s a collective experience fueled by the continuous reassurance and trust bestowed upon us by our customers. As we aspire to stay at the pinnacle of the market, envision a partnership where innovation meets reliability, and every logistical need is not just met but surpassed. Welcome to a realm where logistics isn’t merely a service; it’s a commitment to amaze, persuade, and redefine excellence for you.

Customized Solutions

Zarawa is all about making things just right for you. We understand that every business is different, so we customize our supply chain solutions to fit your unique needs. This personalized approach is what makes us stand out in the industry. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we work closely with you to understand what your business requires. Whether you’re dealing with international shipments, managing different products, or handling specific challenges, we make sure that our supply chain solutions are just what you need.

Risk Assessment at Zarawa

Navigating the complexities of the modern supply chain demands a watchful approach to risk management, and this is our specialty. Our supply chain risk management strategy is a testament to our unwavering commitment to securing and optimizing the flow of goods.

We work a complete risk assessment framework that encompasses factors such as geopolitical considerations, market volatility, and unforeseen disruptions. Leveraging continuous monitoring, analytics, and strategic partnerships, we identify potential risks before they materialize. Whether it’s ensuring the resilience of the supply chain network or implementing agile contingency plans, Zarawa’s supply chain risk management is synonymous with reliability and proactive precision. Partner with us to fortify your supply chain against the unpredictable, as we navigate risk with expertise and dedication. 

Our Vision

To become the best supply chain and logistics company, with commitment to provide the highest quality service transparency, reliability, and efficiency of supply chain and logistics solutions operations, and move business through innovation, dedication, and passion.

Our Mission

To compete in excellence and responsiveness, provide innovative and cost-effective supply chain and logistic solutions in an open and honest partnership with our customers. And to deliver the highest level of customer service by being the best personal communicators in our industry

What We Stand for

We aim to create values for our customers through consistent provision of exceptional services and striving to exceed their expectation.

Our eagerness for successes and thoroughness in our operations and business percolated into with innovative and business spirit.


Uncompromising business ethics and professional integrity make the foundations from which Zarawa is built on. Alongside the necessity to meet economic expectations, all employees of Zarawa Logistics are responsible to have the best ethical behavior and social responsibilities.


We are all required to have integrity to be guided by core principles that influence our behavior and decisions. Respect, responsibility, reliability, considerate, fairness and citizenship are the principles that make the integrated personality of our employees of Zarawa to pervade through their rest of the company.

Our new Division of Supply Chain Solutions is starting when we have decided to be one of the most trusted and reliable leaders in Supplying Oil & Gas and Other Industry products for all international companies inside and outside of KRG. We have achieved this through stocking a huge volume of NACE Valves, Pipe Fittings & OCTG products in our warehouses in Erbil as the first stockiest of certified products in KRG!

Through the great extent of its success in logistics and demand on procurement from its customers, Zarawa Company has opened-up supply chain department as a new basis for its organization and widened it its sphere of services. With years of experience in all aspects of the international trading and logistics market, we offer a profound and extensive approach to the complete supply chain cycle for any type and size business.

We target to expand our scope to global reach and provide our clients an entrance to the excellence where they can affiliate and advantage from full transparency and sincere commitment to mutual success. Also,

We have built our supply chain services based on owning stocks, storage spaces and competent workforce for running the operations as well as having trustful international recourses.

Scope of Supply