About Us

Imagine an experience where each interaction is not just a transaction but a personalized engagement, showcasing our dedication to delivering the highest level of service.

Zarawa Company excels in supporting businesses across Iraq with logistics and supply chain services. setting head office in Iraq, we’ve strategically expanded our reach to include UAE, Turkey and UK. This strategic setup empowers us to operate globally and deliver services seamlessly internationally.

Being recognized as the trustworthy logistic service provider and supply chain in the nation, taking pride in our extensive experience and the diverse range of services we offer. Our commitment to excellence is underscored by the trust our valued customers place in us. Our firm goal is not only to maintain our leadership position in the market but also to continually redefine industry standards, offering innovative solutions and setting benchmarks of excellence in the dynamic logistics landscape.

Our Vision

To be the leading logistics company in Iraq, triggering the market with our top-notch services. Committed to delivering services marked with transparency, reliability, and efficiency in all our operations, to move business through innovative spirit, determined dedication, and passion that ignite transformative business journeys, achieving significance, creating experience beyond expectations and leaves a lasting impression on our customers.

Our Mission

To assert in remarkable journey fueled by commitment to excellence and responsiveness, provide innovative and cost-effective solutions woven through transparent and open partnerships with our valued customers, aspire to redefine customer service by being the typical personal communicators in our industry. Pioneering logistic services and solutions to setting new standards in customer relations, strive for amazement and clarity.

What We Stand for

Aiming to create lasting value for our customers through commitment, and consistently delivering exceptional services and striving to exceed their expectations. Our eagerness for success, coupled with a detailed approach to our operations, fuels a culture of innovation and a vibrant business spirit. Picture a landscape where our dedication transforms into inventive solutions and a spirit that embraces the ever-evolving dynamics of the business world.


At the heart of Zarawa lies an unyielding commitment to business ethics and professional integrity, forming the bedrock and foundation from which Zarawa is built on. Alongside the necessity to meet economic expectations, everyone is accountable to have and show the highest ethical standards and social responsibilities.


Integrity forms the very core principle of who we are. It’s the compass guiding our actions, ensuring our solid honesty, decisions and ethical conduct in every effort. Respect, responsibility, reliability, consideration, fairness and citizenship are the principles that make the integrated personality of our employees that pervade through the company; where integrity becomes a living value for shaping a workplace that is both transparent and enriching.

Take pride in serving our customers safely and with a Quality that exceeds all expectations.

In striving to achieve our long-term objectives and achieve excellence in service quality, we have accredited to the international Quality standards in order to fulfill customer’s expectations in quality assurance.

We will do our utmost to never compromise the well-being of communities we work in, and shall without exception, protect the environment in which they live, and do our best to ensure that the people within these communities are benefitting economically from our presence, through good local employment and procurement practices.

Safety awareness is highlighted for all projects and risk assessment is prepared to recognized standards to control hazards.

Industry Sectors

Environmental policies are operated to ensure safeguards in respect of the environment and society in connection with all of its activities. The company additionally complies with all client requirements regarding environmental policies, which are in force at its sites or operating locations.